As many as two million taxpayers overpay their taxes by nearly $1 billion each year. Not our clients! We will check your past three years’ tax returns for free, and let you know if you overpaid or if your refund should have been bigger. If so, we can help you get some money back.

Your Chance for a Do-Over on Earlier Tax Years

Just walk in to do this year’s taxes and bring in your past three years’ tax returns for review. Or you can call to make an appointment, or submit your tax documents to us via mail, email or fax. Visit the Contact page for company data. We’ll let you know right away if we can recover some money for you. Many taxpayers receiving this service have saved hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Prior Tax Problems

For taxpayers who have past problems with the IRS or state or who have balances owing to the IRS or state, we can also review your returns to see if we can get your balances down; or better yet, get you some money back.

Get relief from your past tax issues.