What is CA sales tax, what is the BOE?

CA sales tax is tax that businesses need to collect from consumers when a business sells a product. BOE stands for the Board of Equalization. This is the CA agency for which businesses need to pay sales tax and file sales tax returns.

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When is my sales tax return and sales tax payment due?

Your sales tax return and payment due date depend on your filing frequency. Most taxpayers are on either a quarterly, or a quarterly prepay reporting schedule. Quarterly taxpayers only pay once each quarter. Quarterly Prepay taxpayers make a payment every single month.


January 1 – 31st
Due February 24th
February 1 – Last Day of February
Due March 24th

March 1 – 31
Due April 30th

April 1 – 30th
Due May 24th
May 1 – June 15
Due June 24

June 16 – June 30
Due July 31st

July 1 – 31st
Due August 24th
August 1 – 31st
Due September 24th

September 1 – 30th
Due October 31st

4th Quarter (October-December)
October 1 – 31st
Due November 24th
November 1 – 30th
Due December 24th

December 1 – 31st
Due January 31st


1ST Quarter (January-March)
Due April 30th
2nd Quarter (April-June)
Due July 31st

3rd Quarter (July-September)
Due October 31st
4th Quarter (October-December)
Due January 31st

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